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According to Billie Joe Armstrong himself, in countless interviews, he was born Billie Joe Armstrong. His name is not William Joseph Armstrong. So, therefore, his first name would be Billie. :D

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Q: Is billie Joe armstong's first name billie Joe?
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The name of Billie Joe Armstrongs first guitar?


What is billie joes real name?

Billie Joe Armstrong's Name is actually Billie Joe Armstrong. His Mother named him. They grew up in Kentucky, Hence the name BILLIE JOE! He admits this on an interview that was posted on YouTube.

What the name of the guitar player for pat green band?

First Learn how to spell -_- And His Name is Billie Joe Armstrong It pronounced BILLY But spelled Billie. Your welcome -.-.

How did Billie Joe get her name?

his/her parents wanted his/her name to be that

What is Billie Joe Armstrong's real name?

Billie Joe doesn't have a middle name. And his name is most definitely not William Joseph Armstrong.

What was Billie joe Armstrong first song written?

The name of the first song he wrote was; Why Do You Want Him? He wrote this when he was 14 lums

How old is billyjoe from green day?

His name is spelled Billie Joe. And he is 37 years old :-) His name is spelled Billie Joe. And he is 37 years old :-)

What is the singer of green days name?

He's Called Billie Joe Armstrong and TBH... he's fit..

What was the name of Billie Joe Armstrong's stepfather?

Billie Joe doesn't have a step-father. He only has one dad named, Andy Armstrong, but he died of cancer when Billie Joe was 10 years old.

What is Billie Joe Armstrong's occupation?

Billie Joe Armstrong is in a punk band name Green Day. He also has side bands name Foxboro Hottubs, Pinhead Gunpowder, and The Network.

What is Billie Joe Armstrong's son name on Facebook?

None of the Armstrong family have Facebook. Billie Joe said so himself in an interview.

What is Billie Joe's favorite girls name?

It is not exacly known what Billie Joe's favourite girls name is but it is rummored that he can't stand any girls names starting with M