Who is billie jean Jackson?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Billie Jean Jackson is a woman who claims she was married to Michael Jackson and also claims to be Blanket's mother, in 2008 she wanted joint custody of Blanket as well as a rather large sum of money from Michael. The song is not about her she changed her name to match the song.

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Q: Who is billie jean Jackson?
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Was Billie Jean Michael Jackson's lover?

No, Billie Jean doesn't exist.

Is it true billie Jean was obsessed with Michael Jackson?

Billie Jean was a girl, who stalked Michael Jackson. Her real name wasn't actually Billie Jean, she gave herself the name Billie Jean Jackson because she was obsessed with Michael. She was also believed to be delusional and thought she was Michael's wife. Billie Jean also tried to sue Michael Jackson for one billion dollars and claim that "Blanket Jackson", Michael Jackson's son was hers. Blanket Jackson's real mother was "Debbie Rowe", Michael Jackson's second wife.

Did Michael Jackson and Billie Jean have a child together?

No, there isn't an actual Billie Jean, which means there is no baby.

Who sang Billie Jean?

Micheal Jackson

Who was the person that Michael Jackson wrote billie jean to?

It was written by Michael Jackson and produced by Quincey Jones.

What was Michael Jackson's breakthrough song?

billie jean

When did Michael Jackson make billie jean?


Who sang billie jean and beat it?

Michael Jackson

Who did the moonwalk during Billie Jean?

Michael Jackson

What song was Michael Jackson performing when he introduced the moonwalk?

Billie Jean at Motown 25;Yesterday, Today, Forever.

Who are the two girls in the Billie Jean music video?

One of them is Billie Jean as Jackson said in a interveiw but the other one is unknown

Is Billie Jean pop music?

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson falls under; Dance-pop, R&B and Funk.