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John Cena is better and HHH has more experience but that doesnt matter because "The champ is here!!"

who ever said that is truly an idiot. triple h is a 23 time champion.

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John Cena

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Q: Who is better HHH or John cena?
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Who is better cena or Ultimate Warrior?

upsoulutely cena is better ,but hhh is better than cena

Who better john cena or thriple h?

John Cena is a better ENTERTAINER he is used to talk on the mic and pump up the crowd Triple H is a better wrestler, he has padinent moves that make the crowd cheer. For wrestling HHH is better, for entertainment John Cena is better

Who is better cena or nexus?

triple h is better than cena ,i luv cena bt hhh is better,they two r gud wrestlers however hhh is some more better

Does John Cena like hhh?


Is triple hhh better than john cena?

of course he is better than cena, hhh is a guy whom u can turn from heel to face and face to heel instantly on the other hand there is this guy "cena" who gets his butt kicked for 90% of the match and out of nowhere goes on to win that match , cena truly sucks

How old is HBK HHH John Cena and Jeff Hardy?

Hbk 46 turning 47 hhh 44 john cena is 35 jeff hardy 38

Who will be Wwe champion next orton cena or hhh?

It will be john cena at wm 24

Did John Cena eliminate hhh in royal rumble 24?


Will john cena join Triple H in DX?

no cena wont join dx.and anyway hhh will get retired after some time. John Cena is a associate member.

How has the best entrance in WWE?

john cena, d-generationx(hhh&hbk)

How many matches were there between HHH and John Cena one on one?


Who was the best man at john cena wedding?

Triple H No HHH was not Cena's best man at his wedding, Randy Orton was.