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i don't know very well but i like John Cena better than the rock

it could be the rock

But John cena is a fan favorite if there was a match it would be john cena because WWE is scripted so john cena is like the money of the company but in a street fight i also think john cena cause of his strength

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โˆ™ 2010-12-21 01:59:01
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โˆ™ 2011-07-09 14:36:17

who knows evry one will findout at wrestlemania 28

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Q: Is John Cena better than The Rock?
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Who is better John Cena or The Rock?

This question is a matter of opinion, therefore there is no correct or incorrect answer. Everyone has their own opinions about which one is better.

Is 2pac a better rapper than john cena?

John Cena is a wrestler, 2pac is a better rapper than John Cena.

Is The Rock jealous of john cena?

hell yes john cena is better than the rock and way stronger boy are you ever wrong. Dwayne Johnson is not jealous of anyone!! Much less John Cena!! Get real.

Is r-truth better than John Cena?

Accomplishment wise, John Cena is far better

Who is better John Cena or Brock Lesnar?

John Cena is WAY better than Brock Lesnar.

Is john cena better than the great khali?

Some people think that john cena is better than the great khali ...................................................................................... But some people think that the great khali is better............... I think that john cena is better than the great khali...............

Is Jeff hardy better than John Cena?

Jeff hardy is better than john cena because he flies and give whisper in the wind,and the swanton bomb and he is my favorite after all Jeff hardy is better than john cena

Who Is Better John Cena Or JBL?

John Cena is so much better and cutter than dumb old JBL.

Is cm punk better than cena?

no never. John cena is the best

Is john cena better then cm punk?

When it comes to business, merchandise, and championship reigns, John Cena is better than CM Punk. But when it comes to in-ring skills, promo-cutting, and character, CM Punk is better than John Cena.

Who is better than John Cena?

sin cara is

How won miz vs john cena at wrestlemania 27?

The miz won john cena but.he cheat with the the real john cena is stronger than the rock and the miz these two are stupid john cena is stronger one and randy orton believe me.

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