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No where

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Q: Who is balto an were is he now?
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Where is balto buried?

Saddly,Balto was stuffed and is now an exepit in the clevlend musem,why?

Who is Balto and where is he now?


What is balto's date of birth?

I really want to know balto's birthdate I only now the year he was born

Where is Balto located now?

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History on display as a stuffed dog :(

How did balto die?

This is coming from a Balto expert,He died like most dogs that ran that realey race,their lungs got infamed,im not sure when,but i do now that

What is a Balto-Slav?

A Balto-Slav is a person who is a speaker of a Balto-Slavic language or dialect.

What does the name balto mean?


Will there be a Balto 4?

No. There will never be a Balto 4.

Where is balto now?

In the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on display. Also in doggy heaven!

Is Balto a Disney movie?

Balto (1995) Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) (Video) Balto III: Wings of Change (2004) (Video)

Who is balto and where is he know?

Balto was the lead dog for the last team of dogs to carry the Diptheria medication to Nome. He is now in Cleveland, Ohio in a museum, taxidermied like a deer, or other animal.

Does Balto lose at the race?

Balto wins the race.