Who is arashi uzumaki?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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from the anime NARUTO

Arashi Uzumaki is claimed to be the real name of the 4th hokage (minato namikaze) and

since he is actually naruto's father, that's why naruto's last name is uzumaki

The spot where the Fourth Hokage signed on the scroll was unreadable. It's scribbles. It is not Arashi Uzumaki. Besides, if it reads Uzumaki Arashi (the Japanese way).. you would think the kanji for 'Uzumaki' would be the same as Naruto's when he signed the scroll for the summoning.

And Naruto's last name 'Uzumaki' is from his mother's side as she is from the Uzumaki clan, making Naruto the direct descendant of the Uzumakis.

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Q: Who is arashi uzumaki?
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