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Japanese destroyer Arashi was created on 1940-11-25.

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Q: When was Japanese destroyer Arashi created?
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yes he is in arashi

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Rain - Japanese band - was created in 2002.

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When was Japanese destroyer Wakatsuki created?

Japanese battleship Aki was created on 1911-03-11.

When was Japanese destroyer Harusame created?

Japanese destroyer Harusame was created on 1937-08-26.

When was Japanese destroyer Samidare created?

Japanese destroyer Samidare was created on 1937-01-19.

When was Japanese destroyer Nowaki created?

Japanese destroyer Nowaki was created on 1941-04-28.

When was Japanese destroyer Numakaze created?

Japanese destroyer Numakaze was created on 1922-07-24.

When was Japanese destroyer Nenohi created?

Japanese destroyer Nenohi was created on 1933-09-30.

When was Japanese destroyer Akizuki created?

Japanese destroyer Akizuki was created on 1942-06-11.

When was Japanese destroyer Wakaba created?

Japanese destroyer Wakaba was created on 1934-10-31.

When was Japanese destroyer Sagiri created?

Japanese destroyer Sagiri was created on 1931-01-31.

When was Japanese destroyer Yudachi created?

Japanese destroyer Yudachi was created on 1937-01-07.

When was Japanese destroyer Ōshio created?

Japanese destroyer Ōshio was created on 1937-10-31.

When was Japanese destroyer Akatsuki created?

Japanese destroyer Akatsuki was created on 1932-11-30.