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Cassidys nice... But Nas is one of the greastest ever so gotta go with N.

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Q: Who is a better rapper cassidy or nas?
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Who is the better rapper?


Who is the better rapper nas or 50 cent?

Nas, no contest.

Who is a better rapper Jay-Z or nas?

Hi well nas

Who is the better rapper Big L Cassidy or Papoose?

The better rapper of the men, Big L Cassidy and Papoose will depend on each persons preferences.

Who is better cassidy or drake?

Cassidy is the most lyrical rapper alive today.. So I say Cassidy

Is nas the best rapper alive?

I personally think "Skillaboo" from Regina is a much better rapper.

Is lil Wayne a better rapper than cassidy?


Who have more money lil Wayne and nas?

Though Nas is the better rapper, Lil' Wayne has more money.

Is rapper cassidy soft?

Yes rapper cassidy is soft

Is rapper cassidy hard?

Yes rapper cassidy is hard

Who is the better rapper Eminem or Nas?

This is opinional. But most people will likely say Eminem.

Who is barry Adrian reese?

he is the rapper better known as cassidy da hustla