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Q: How much does rapper Nas make a year?
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How much did Nas the rapper earn last year?


How much did rapper nas make in 2011?

11 million

What do you think of rapper nas?

I think he is a prettty good artist and can make a change in this industry.I luv the rapper nas .

Is nas the best rapper alive?

I personally think "Skillaboo" from Regina is a much better rapper.

Who is the better rapper nas or 50 cent?

Nas, no contest.

When did rapper nas make an appearance in john q?

He was in a TV talk show.

Who is the better rapper?


Who is a better rapper Jay-Z or nas?

Hi well nas

Is nas a good rapper?


Who is the rapper that sings i can?

his name is Nas

What is the rapper Nas's real name?

Nasty Nas & Escobar

What is Lil Nas X's occupation?

Lil Nas X is a/an Rapper singer songwriter