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Calaway First Married Jodi Lynn In 1989, And They Had A Son, Gunner, Born In 1993, Before The Marriage Ended In 1999. Calaway Met His Second Wife, Sara, At A WWF Autograph Signing In San Diego, California. He Eventually Married Her In A Ceremony In St. Petersburg, Florida On July 21, 2000. Mark And Sara Have Two Daughters Together: Chasey, (Born On November 21, 2002) And Gracie, (Born On May 15, 2005).

The Undertaker and Sara are divorced. The Undertaker does have a girlfriend: WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

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WWE Diva Michelle McCool

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Q: Who is WWE star the undertaker married to?
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No, the Undertaker did not die.

Who is the undertaker dating?

The Undertaker is married to WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Who did undertaker marry?

The Undertaker married WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

Is WWE star the undertaker retiring in 2011?


Is WWE superstar undertaker married?

Yes. He is married to Michelle McCool.

Where is the WWE star the Undertaker?

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Is WWE Mihele Mcool Single?

No, she is married to The Undertaker.

Who is wwe superstar undertaker married to?

Michelle McCool

Is WWE diva Michelle mcCool married?

Yes she married the Undertaker this summer.

Does WWE Michelle mcool have kids?

No but she is curently married to fellow wwe wrestler "The Undertaker"

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