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The Undertaker ( deadman)

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Q: Who made the choke slam in WWE?
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Does the WWE the undertakers choke slam really hurt?

Sort of. Undertaker lift the person up while they junp and so it kind of hurts

What is Kane signaiture?

choke slam

Is choke slam fake?

no it is not fake.

Wwe who is stronger Triple H or undertaker?

They're both powerful but Undertaker is stronger AND better. He can choke slam two different people at the same time, he can Tombstone/choke slam Mark Henry and he beat him at WM27! Undertaker is the better and stronger man or, in this case, Dead man!

Is Jeff Hardy a WWE grand slam champion?

Yes. He was the Ninth Grand Slam Champion of the WWE

Who created the choke slam?

''THE PHEONOM'' The Undertaker

How is festus imposter Kane?

its the undertaker not festus he don't know choke slam During never wwe made a story line involving wwe superstar Glen Jacobs also known as Kane and undertaker Also known asthe phenom/deadman , who was playin an Impsoster Kane (the original Kane)

What are the undertakers signatures?

Choke-slam and old school

What are Kanes finishers?

Choke slam and tombstone piledriver

What channel is WWE slam?


How much are WWE slam attax?

they are $1.00

What are the ratings and certificates for WWE Saturday Morning Slam - 2012?

WWE Saturday Morning Slam - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G