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Sharon G. Flake is not married.

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Q: Who is Sharon G. Flake married to?
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Is Sharon G. Flake married?

She is married and she has 7 children in her household.

Is Sharon g flake dead?

Sharon G. Flake is not dead

What was Sharon g flake's hobbies as a child?


When was Sharon Flake born?

Sharon G. Flake was born on December 24, 1956, in Northern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is The Skin Im in about?

a book by Sharon g flake

When was Sharon G. Flake born?

Sharon G Flake was born on December 24, 1955. She is an American writer of young adult literature. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her daughter.

What college did Sharon g flake go to?

she went to ucla

Is begging for change by Sharon g flake having a movie?


What is Sharon g flake middle name?

What is the author Sharon G Flakes middle name

Did Sharon g flake die?

No she is not died she live in Pittsburgh with her daughter.

How tall is Sharon Flake?

Sharon Flake is 5' 9".

Who helped Sharon g flake become an author?

because she got a big head