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A dog

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Q: Who is Sammy in goodnight mister tom?
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What is mister toms dog in good night mister tom?

In the novel "Goodnight Mister Tom," Mister Tom's dog is named Sammy. Sammy is a loyal and loving companion to Mister Tom and forms a special bond with William, the young evacuee who stays with Mister Tom during World War II.

When was Goodnight Mister Tom published?

Goodnight Mister Tom was published in 1981.

What is the ISBN of Goodnight Mister Tom?

The ISBN of Goodnight Mister Tom is 0722657013.

What is the title of the sequel to the book goodnight mister tom?

There is no sequel to Goodnight Mister Tom.

What was the name of Mister Tom's wife in Goodnight Mister Tom?


Who lived in the spooky cot in Goodnight mister tom?

Harry Potter lived in the spooky cot in Goodnight mister tom.

Where can you get goodnight mr tom in polish?

you can get goodnight mister tom in polish on ebay or amazon

Where can you get online chapter summaries on goodnight mister tom?

search goodnight mr. tom on

How old is William in goodnight mister tom?

William is an 8-year-old boy in "Goodnight Mister Tom."

Who is the author of Goodnight Mister Tom?

The author of "Goodnight Mister Tom" is Michelle Magorian. The novel was first published in 1981 and has since become a beloved children's classic.

Where does mister tom live?

I believe, if you are talking about the novel "Goodnight Mister Tom" by Michelle Magorian, Mister Tom lives in little Weirwold.

Why is Goodnight Mister Tom called Is Goodnight Mister Tom?

Because at the end Willie goes to live with Mr Tom Oakley forever and he can say, every night, Goodnight Mr Tom.The name of the novel comes from something William said early on in the story. Up to this point William had been addressing Tom as "Mister". Mr Oakley tells William you can call me Tom. William immediately replies "Goodnight Mister Tom"