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That's her private life and it has nothing to do with us.

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She doesn't have one.

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Q: Who is Paris Jackson boyfriend?
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Does Paris Jackson have a boyfriend?

No, she does not.

Do Paris Jackson have a boyfriend and did she have friends?

Yes she has friends and the boyfriend stuff is none of our business

What is the name of Paris Jackson's boyfriend?

Paris doesn't have a boyfriend, in the newest interview with Oprah she said she was not aloud to start dating yet. Its just a friend of her's that's a male.

What is Paris Jackson's middle name?

Paris' full name is Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

Does Paris Jackson have any pets?

There have been no reports that Paris Jackson has pets. Paris Jackson is the daughter of late Pop singer, Michael Jackson.

What is Paris Jackson's full name?

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

What is Paris Jackson's kik?

Paris's Jackson's new kik is @mindless_disposition

How tall is Paris Michael Jackson?

Paris Jackson is 5'3 as of 2011

Does Paris Jackson have another sister?

Paris Jackson does not have a sister, she is the only girl.

Is Paris Jackson married?

No Paris Jackson is not married, She is 14 Years Old.

Does Paris Jackson like hannnah Montana?

Paris Jackson likes Hannah Montana

Is skai Jackson boyfriend famous?

no skai jackson doesnt even have a boyfriend