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Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson

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Q: Who are prince and Paris Jackson's maternal grandparents?
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What is the name of Michael jacksons lions?

Prince and Paris and one of his lion died named Joseph

Who were Michael Jackson's children named after?

His sons were named after his maternal grandfather Prince Albert, Paris got her name because she was conceived in Paris.

Where did obama grandparents live?

they lived in Colombia for 5 years then they moved to paris for 11 years then they stayed in England for the rest of their lives

What is Paris Jackson's favorite color?

Paris jacksons favorite color is purple

Who is Paris Hilton's godfather?

Macalley Cullkin, he is also the godfather of Prince Michael I

What is Paris Jacksons Instagram?


What is Paris Jacksons Twitter?

She doesn't have one.

What is Paris Jacksons bebo?

She doesn't have one.

How old are Prince and Paris Jackson?

Prince is 14 and Paris is 13.

Where does Paris Michael Jackson live?

Paris Lives with her 2 brothers and grandparents.

What is prince jacksons sisters?

If you mean who is Prince Jackson's sister, the answer is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Prince was born in 1997, and his sister was born a year and a bit later in Apr 1998. They are very close, often seen holding hands, kissing each other's cheeks hugging and walking beside one another. Prince was pictured at their father's memorial service with Paris and their younger brother Blanket, comforting his two younger siblings.

What is Paris Michael Katherine patricia jacksons twitter?

She doesn't have one.