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Their birth mother is Debbie Rowe

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Q: Who is the birth mother of prince and Paris?
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Who gave birth to Michael Jackson's kids?

Debbie rowe for his 2 oldest Prince Michael 1 and Paris Katherine Michael but For Prince Michael 2 his mother is unknown

What are Paris prince and Blanket Jackson's birth dates and what is blankets real name and who is their mother?

Prince was born Feb 13th 1997 which makes him 12. Paris was born April 3rd 1998 which makes her 11, their mother is Debbie Rowe. Blanket; real name Prince Michael II was born February 21st 2002 and his mother is an unknown surrogate.

What is the birthday of Paris the prince of troy?

No date of birth is ever given for Paris.

Were does Paris Jacksons birth mother live?

Deborah Jeanne Rowe, or Debbie Rowe-Jackson, Michael's second wife, was Prince and Paris' birth mother. She lives in Palmdale, Calif, in a ranch she bought for 1.3 million after selling the house that Michael bought her in Beverley Hills.

Which two kids is Debbie Rowe the mother of?

Prince and Paris.

Who is Debbie Rowe?

Michael Jackson's second wife and mother of Prince and Paris.

Is Paris and prince Micheal mother going to care for them?

Their grandmother is going to care for them.

Who lives at Michael Jackson's hayvenhurst?

His mother Katherine and his children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Are Michael Jackson kids by the same mom?

Paris and Prince have the same mother (Debbie Rowe) Blanket has a different mother, she is unknown.

How old is prince Paris and blackt?

Prince was born February 13, 1997. Paris was born April 3, 1998 and Prince II or Blanket was born February 2002. His day of birth is unknown but some say it's the 21st.

The beautiful princess of wales and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry who died in a car crash in Paris?

I believe you are referring to the accidental death of Princess Diana in l997 , as you stated following an automobile crash in Paris.

Did Michael Jackson buy his kids?

No, Debbie Rowe gave birth to Prince (Michael Joseph Jackson the 2nd) and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. Blanket's (Michael Joseph Jackson the 3rd) mother is unknown.