Who is Mr X in One Direction?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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'She' is a person trying to kill Harry, Niall and Louis

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Q: Who is Mr X in One Direction?
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Why does Louis one direction hit Harry from one direction balls?

Because they're gay together. I'll seperate them soon. With death. -Mr X.

What is an x factor from one direction?

An X-factor is a show, in which One Direction came in third.

Is one direction still in x factor?

One dIrection came 3rd in the x factor 2010

Who is more famous Mr Bean or One Direction?

Mr bean is more famous

How did One Direction exist?

One Direction were formed on X factor.

What place did One Direction finish on The X Factor?

One Direction finished in third place on the X Factor.

What position did one direction get in the x factor UK?

One Direction got third place in the X Factor U.K.

Is one direction the x factor 2011 winner?

One direction came in third place on the x factor in 2010.

What tv series did one direction get recognized on?

One Direction got recognized on the X Factor.

What genre is One Direction?

Pop ! x

Where were one direction on the x factor?

on stage

Which x factor were one direction on?