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J. Jenks (or Jason Scott, Attorney at Law) is the man who provides legal documents such as birth/death certificates, drivers licences ect.

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Q: Who is J Jenks in Breaking Dawn?
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Who is the producer of illegal doccuments in Breaking Dawn?

J. Jenks or Jason Jenks

What name along with an address did Bella find in Breaking Dawn?

The name was Jason Jenks (alias of J. Jenks), who operated a "front" address in Seattle.

How did Alice tel lBella about j Jenks in breaking dawn?

She leaves her a note on a piece of paper which she hides inside a book

Who does Alice send Bella to in Breaking Dawn?

Alice sends Bella to see J jenks or Jason jenks who is a lawer but also illeagally sells passports ,driving licences and other documents. He knows jasper.

When did William J. Jenks die?

William J. Jenks died in 1960.

When was A. J. Jenks born?

A. J. Jenks was born on 1990-06-27.

Who did Alice tell Bella to see in the letter?

She writes in bellas book at the cottage the name and number of j jenks but when bella searches it on the computer, it comes up with jason jenks who is a lawyer. Alice gave her the name j kenks because the lawyer uses this name and address fot clients who want illegal documents which bella needs for renesmee and jacob to escape from the volturi when they come to kill renesmee at the end of breaking dawn

When was William J. Jenks born?

Frank Jenks was born on November 4, 1902, in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

In Breaking Dawn What does EJ stand for?

E is Edward and J is Jacob.

What is Breaking Dawn Rated and why?

Breaking Dawn will be PG-13.

What is the tone of Breaking Dawn?

in means a verge of breaking dawn

Breaking Dawn spoiler?

there is a breaking dawn spoiler on