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the baby in breaking dawn has got wings but it hides them in his back

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Q: Does the baby in Breaking Dawn have wings?
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Does Bella have a baby in the breaking of dawn?

Yes, she has a daughter in Breaking Dawn.

Who is Bella's baby daddy in Breaking Dawn?

Edward. They had sex in Breaking Dawn.

Does Bella have a baby in eclipe?

no she has a baby in breaking dawn

Will Breaking Dawn be bloody?

yes, it breaking dawn bella has a baby.. is that all you need to know?

Does Bella have a baby?

yes in Breaking Dawn

Who kills the baby in Breaking Dawn?

There isn't a baby that dies in Breaking Dawn.... If you're on about Renesmee then she lives and grows to be half human half vampire :)

Do Bella and edword out of twilight have a baby?

they have a baby girl in breaking dawn

In breaking dawn what name did Bella choose if she was having a boy?

In Breaking Dawn, Bella was going to name her baby EJ. She wanted to name her baby after Edward.

In Breaking Dawn who did jocob imprint on?

bellas baby

Will The Baby Born In Breaking Dawn Be In The Twilight Movie?


What does Jacob Black do about the baby in Breaking Dawn?

he imprints on her

Who is the actor for the baby in breaking dawn?

Mackenzie Foy