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In the memory that Harry see's in the pensieve, Karkaroff is questioned by Barty Crouch Sr.

(I think!)

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Severus Snape?

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Barty Crouch Sr.

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Q: Who is Igor Karkaroff interrogated in prision by?
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In Harry Potter four what is Karkaroff's First name?

Igor Karkaroff

Who played Igor Karkaroff in the Harry Potter movies?

Igor Karkaroff is portrayed by Predrag Bjelac in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Who was Viktor Krum's Headmaster?

The headmaster of Viktor Krums school Durmstrang is Igor Karkaroff. It is believed that Durmstrang is in either Bulgaria or Norway. Igor Karkaroff was a Death Eater, but in the fourth book/film, he flees from Voldemort and presumably goes into hiding. In the Half Blood Prince, Lupin says that he was found dead with a dark mark hanging over him, which indicates that he was killed by either Voldemort or other Death Eaters. We are not told who became Headmaster after Karkaroff. In the film Karkaroff is played by Predrag Bjelac.

When is Igor Karkaroff's birthday?

It is unknown, he was born in 1950.

Who is Victor crim headmaster?

Igor Karkaroff was the headmaster of Durmstrang

What is the name of the headmaster of Drumstrans out of Harry Potter?

Igor Karkaroff(:

Who killed Igor Karkaroff?

It is never told exactly who killed Igor, except it was suspected to be a Death Eater.

Who was the Durmstrang champion in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

The headmaster in Durmstrang school is Igor Karkaroff, known as a Death Eater.

Which Harry Potter characters name starts with K?

The following characters have names beginning with K:Katie BellKingsley ShackleboltKreacherViktor Krum and Igor Karkaroff are often referred to by their surnames.

Who interrogated Igor to prison?

Severus Snape did on the matter of courage and loyalty.

How does igor karkaroff die?

Igor Karkaroff gets killed by Death Eaters. He was able to hide from them for a year after deserting Voldemort when he returned, but soon they found him and murdered him. Ad you can't officially quit being a Death Eater, if you try, you get killed, so that's what happened to poor old Igor.

Was Igor Karkaroff a Death Eater?

no the giant Karkus died in harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix