Who is Hanna Beth?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Hanna Beth Merjos is first of all the stepdaughter of a Scottish model Honor Fraser. Hanna Beth was discovered as a model by Sharp TV when she was 16

years, although today she's a model of her own. HB has been featured in over 27 magazines including Glam Rock and Star, and has been an online scene celebrity.

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She is a model for different labels and also works for buzznet on the red carpet.

She is mostly known for dating trace Cyrus though.

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Q: Who is Hanna Beth?
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Did hanna Beth cheat on trace?

hanna Beth did not cheat on trace Cyrus.

What is Miss Hanna Beth's real name?

Her full name is Hanna Beth Merjos.

Are martin Johnson and Hanna Beth dating?

As of July 2014, Martin Johnson and Hanna Beth are not dating. It is however, important to note that Martin Johnson and Hanna Beth once dated.

How weight is Hanna Beth?

Hanna weighs 95 lbs

Is Hanna Beth pregnant?


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Where was Hanna Beth Merjos born?

Hanna Beth Merjos was born in New York City, NY on November 24, 1988.

Are Josh Farro and Hanna Beth dating?

Josh Farro has never dated Hanna Beth Merjos. He is currently married to Jenna Farro (formerly Jenna Rice).

Is the song Dear Hannah about Hanna Beth?

Metro Station wrote the song "Dear Hannah" before Trace Cyrus and Hanna Beth Merjos started dating. It's just a coincidence (note that Hanna Beth does not spell her name with an H at the end like the song title).

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kiki kannibal. hanna beth.

Who was Andrew Biersack's girlfriend before Scout?

Hanna Beth

Does Hanna Beth merjos have a MySpace?

yes it is