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Audrey was saying not so nice things about Hanna.

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Q: Why aren't Hanna Beth and Audrey kitching friends anymore?
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Which Scene Queens are friends?

Dakota Rose + Kiki Kannibal= Blood-related sisters. Hanna Beth+ Audrey Kitching= Ex best friends Jeffree Star+ Hanna Beth= Besties Audrey Kitching + Raquel Reed= Friends Can't really remember much more right naaow.. ^^

What are some scene models?

audrey kitching hanna beth dani gore? dakota rose kiki kannibal jac

Who is Audrey kitching friends with?

Selena Beaver ---------------------------------------- Well she had like tooones of friends...she wuz friends wit HannaBeth and Jac Vanek, then gone bff wit Zui Suicide and Lana Jade...then she got back wit Hanna and Jeffree Star and got those 2 in fight...she is a big liar and dats y she cant keep friends :)

Who are scene kids hereo's?

Lexi Lush Hanna Beth Vanna Venom Zui Suicide Audrey Kitching etcc.. Aaand mi personaal favee Brookelle Bones Gooole theem! :))

How old is Audrey Kitching?

She started out as a typical scene queen, along with Jac Vanek, Hanna Beth and Zui Suicide. She was also a part of Trashy Life with Zui Suicide but they had a falling out. Audrey eventually changed her style to no longer fit the Scene steriotype but has remained the ultimate Scene Queen for some time. She as currently come out with two fashion lines.

Who are famous emo girls?

audrey kitching, chelsea lynn, dakota rose, dani gore, izzy hilton, mellisa morie, kiki kannibal, hayley williams, alicia simmons, and hanna beth are some.

When was Audrey Hanna born?

Audrey Hanna was born on July 30, 1907, in Illinois, USA.

When did Audrey Hanna die?

Audrey Hanna died on September 6, 1990, in San Jose, California, USA.

Who are some famous emo girls?

Alicia Simmons, Audrey Kitching, Brookelle Bones, Chelsea Lynn, Dakota Rose, Dani Gore, Hanna Beth, Hayley Williams, Izzy Hilton, Jac Vanek, Kiki Kannibal, etc.

Who are the main scene kids Like i know Zui Suicide and Alex Evans but who else?

Ultimate Scene Queen? Audrey Kitching of course! Check her out, she models for Skelanimals (hope i spelled that right). Oh and also Jefree Starr. there are loads but more of the main ones are kiki kannibal...hanna beth...jac vanek and that's all i can think of right now but there are more

How to make Hanna Montana on facebook chat?

you can be Friends with Hanna Montana in facebook and she is going to be in chat

Who are some fake site models?

brokelle bones, Dakota rose,Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, Brittany kramer, emili villanueva, kiki kannibal ,hannie dropkick, Danny gore, Georgia gore, jenn curbstomp, zui suicide, and jac vanek. i used to get on a site called and nearly every girl on there was fake:Plook up these names if u want to see what they look like