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Stan smith

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Q: Who is Haley dad from America dad?
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What is Haley smiths middle name from American dad?


What actors and actresses appeared in Horsepower - 2010?

The cast of Horsepower - 2010 includes: Thomas Haley as Dad Brooklyn Haley as Daughter

Is captian America iron mans dad?

Captain America is not Iron Man's dad. Iron Man's (Tony Stark's) dad is Howard Stark. Captain America is Steve Rogers. :)

Does Haley Riordan have ADHD and dyslexia?

Yes he does. The character Percy Jackson in his dad's book (Rick Riordan) is somewhat based off of his son Haley. The whole series (Percy Jackson) started with Haley's bedtime story when he was nine after hi father ran out of Greek myths to tell him.

What actors and actresses appeared in Scary - 2012?

The cast of Scary - 2012 includes: Haley Ann Hausmanis as Haley Eriks Chase as Dad Alexus Rahe Hausmanis as Alexus Brooke Skyler Hausmanis as Brooke

What episode does Haley's dad die in One Tree Hill?

It doesn't air as an episode. It's mentioned when they find out her mom is sick.

What the sponcership of America?

my stuped dad

Did alex Haley have children?

Yes. He had many children by his three wives. One child died in infancy. His children include John, who co-wrote Sound & Glory, a biography of his dad; Bill Haley, Jr., who is a musician; Gina Haley, also a singer; and Pedro Haley, also a performer. There are several others.

Who wrote the autobiography of Malcolm X?

The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told to Alex Haley was written by Alex Haley. However, it is based on notes Alex Haley took while collaborating with Malcolm X, is written in first person as though Malcolm X was telling his life, and he read and edited all drafts of the chapters written by Haley. It also includes an Epilogue written by Haley from his perspective, detailing his collaboration with Malcolm X and the last two years of Malcolm X's life from Haley's point of view.

Is Haley bipolar?

Who the heck is Haley? Haley Berry, or a different Haley.

Alex Haley to find and portray the good in?

Alex Haley wrote the novel "Roots" about several generations of an African-American family, beginning with an African ancestor who was enslaved and brought to America. The book was a fictionalized version of stories Haley's grandmother told him about their family history.

What actors and actresses appeared in Haley - 2008?

The cast of Haley - 2008 includes: Haley Holmes as Haley