Who is Evvy Tavasci?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Evvy Tavasci was Michael Jackson's personal assistant for most of his adult career.

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Q: Who is Evvy Tavasci?
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Why did Michael Jackson fire the nanny?

Michael Jackson fired Karen Faye, Evvy Tavasci and Randy Jackson's then girlfriend, Tanya Zilkie because Randy and Karen had put together a Michael Jackson fan club membership site without Michael's knowledge in which members were to receive a package of Michael goodies upon ordering a subscription ($49.95 a month). This was going on during Michael's trial and by November, fans began complaining that they never received what they paid for. Michael found out and refunded their money and fired Karen Faye and her assistant Evvy Tavasci along with Randy's girlfriend Tanya who had been running the web site in place of Randy.

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