Who is Diane keatons father?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Not Michael Keaton the actor....

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Q: Who is Diane keatons father?
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What is that movie where the mother finds this guy online for the daughter and she's two timing with this single dad musician?

The movie is 'Because I Said So' with Diane keatons.

What was the name of the family on family ties?

The name of the family on Family Ties was the Keatons. They were called the Keatons, and their names are Elyse Keaton (mother) Steven Keaton (father) Alex P. Keaton (son) and Jennifer & Mallory Keaton (2 daughters).

Who are Michael keatons parents?

Michael John Douglas

What was the family name of Keatons neighbors on Family Ties?


How do you get the Keatons Mask in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

If Link has met Kafei successfully, the Curiosity Shop Owner will be in the backroom of the Laundry Pool after 4pm on the Final Day, and you will receive the Keatons Mask.

What was buster keatons actual first name?

His real name was Joseph Frank Keaton

What is the character name of Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride?

Nina Banks

Where can you find the dress Diane Keaton wore in Father of the Bride?


Diane Keaton's Mother of the Bride Dress in Father of the bride?

Diane Keaton wore a famous Mother of the Bride dress in the movie "Father of the Bride". This dress is available at several retail stores including Macy's.

What is Diane glancy in the poem without the title comparing glancy's father to?


Who is colbie caillat's mom?

Her mother Diane Caillat and her father Ken Caillat, that is all I know

Who are Diane Sawyer's parents?

Diane's father was Erbon Powers "Tom" Sawyer, he was a judge, and was killed in a car accident on Louisville's Interstate 64 in 1969. Diane's mother is Jean W. Sawyer, an elementary school teacher. I believe Diane's mother is still alive, and still lives in Kentucky. Source: