Who is DJ Rob Stacks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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DJ ROB STACKS is the premiere DJ on the East Coast. Born and Raised in Roanoke, VA, he got his start DJing in 1999 under the name DJ Duck which was his childhood nickname. While hosting a weekly radio show at WODU and working promotions and carrying crates for the world famous Boodah Brothers of WOWI. "It's funny because back then I would sneak up to the radio station to practice before I bought my first turntables, and I wouldn't let people call me a DJ because I didn't feel like I deserved that title yet." Starting off as the campus DJ for Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA, ROB STACKS then started spinning at popular night spots like Club Maxi's, Picassos, and the Mirage in Virginia's Hampton Roads area.

ROB STACKS credits DJs like Kid Capri and Ron G as inspiration to start DJing. "I always loved how they used their skill and energy to keep parties moving." This is apparent to those that have ever saw STACKS DJing or hosting an event. He is truly an all around entertainer- the perfect DJ and/or host for all types of events. He has left his stamp at the most exclusive venues and night clubs in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Through hard work and determination he has made quite the name for himself.

Over the years, DJ ROB STACKS has redefined the term DJ. His repertoire includes the ability to scratch, blend, emcee, and just plain rock parties. "Being from VA, I was exposed to a wide variety of music. We sometimes refer to VA as the Middle East or Up South and we are blessed to be in an area where we listen to artists from New York, artist from Down South, Go-Go and Baltimore music, and we still get down with music from the west coast and mid-west."

In this day in age when technology allows a person to become a DJ overnight, ROB STACKS respects those that came before him and remember the days when he was dragging his crates of records into parties and clubs. A little known fact is that in the 10 years that he has been DJing he has amassed over 10, 000 records in his collection. This is evident in the "million dollar" hard drive that he now uses to hold his catalog of music. "Any era of music, I can rock…Plain and simple."

The year 2008 has been all about networking and growth for ROB STACKS. In February 2008, he was one of 150 DJs selected to participate in the First annual St. Louis DJ and Technology Conference. From connections he made at the conference, he was chosen to become a member of the St. Louis based Derrty DJs when they decided to expand across the country in April of 2008. In May of that year, STACKS graduated with a Masters from Virginia State University. Also, in May his weekly Got Stacks Radio Podcast got picked up by Flip Mode Squad member Rampage and his internet based radio station Deep Freeze Radio the #1 internet radio station. Now you can here Got Stacks Radio every Friday Night from 7p-9p on and Every Tuesday Night from 9p-10p on DJ ROB STACKS is also a member of the elite group Future Star DJs, which is home to worlds best mixtape, radio, and club DJs.

As for the future, STACKS plans to travel around the country DJing and hosting more exclusive events, continuing to put the spotlight on Virginia. He looks forward to working with new people, artist, and promoters.


Derrty DJs, Future Star DJs, the Sick 1 Crew, Team 6 DJs, Shadow DJs

Past Mix-Tape Series:

Stay Fly Mix Tape

Future Star DJs: We Got Next- Volume 1

How you Ridin? The Dirty South Editions

Got Stacks Compilations

The Ransom Note

Game Day- The March Madness Mixtapes

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Q: Who is DJ Rob Stacks?
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