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you and rob

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Q: Grammar issue rob and you or you and rob?
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Is the correct grammar a hawaiian shirt or an hawaiian shirt?

The issue is not grammar, but pronunciation. In words beginning with h but not stressed on the first syllable the h may be silent.

Who is rob o the hedge?

Amy Rose's cousin from the Sonic The Hedgehog comics. His first apperance is in issue 58

How does bullying is a huge issue for kids today?

Maybe if kids today used proper grammar, they wouldn't be bullied as much.

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I'm not sure about the policy on this issue, but Rob Mariano has been on the show four times.....

Is it grammar or grammar?

It is grammar.

Is grammar spelled grammar in the US?

No, grammar is spelled grammar in the U.S.

What has the author Werner Abraham written?

Werner Abraham has written: 'Kasustheorie' -- subject(s): Case, Comparative and general Grammar 'Deutsche Syntax im Sprachenvergleich' -- subject(s): Comparative and general Grammar, German language, Grammar, Comparative and general, Syntax 'Special Issue' 'Discourse Particles' 'Topic, Focus, and Configuration Ability' 'A linguistic approach to metaphor'

Is it important to use proper grammar at work?

It probably depends on where you work. In some work environments, such as one in which you have little contact verbally with others, your grammar might not be an issue to the others. But if you are working in a job in which you would want to make a good impression with your speech, then good grammar would be more important. Of course the attitude of your boss toward grammar would be important too. If he or she thinks proper grammar is important for your job, perhaps you should also. Depending on the kind of work you do it can become important. The more information you have to communicate within the company the more important grammar becomes. It can be a good indicator of how educated you are. The more educated you are the more is expected of you and therefore the better grammar you have to have.

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Because people are greedy and always want more. Alot of people are poor and rob others causing the other person to have problems with whatever was stolen.

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no boston rob is from survivor

Is this grammar?

Yes, it is grammar, but your spelling is wrong; it's spelt grammar.

What is regular grammar?

Grammar that we all use, there is no other kind of grammar.