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Q: Who is Claire rourke's husband?
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In Modern Family who is Claires husband?

Claire's husband in Modern Family is Phil Dunphy.

Who was there when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein?

Her Husband, her half sister, Jane (later Claire) Clairmont & Lord Byron. (Claire's Boyfriend)

Who is in Modern Family?

Phil is the father of luke, Haley and Alex and the husband of Claire

Are Claire And Falkner In Pokemon Related?

No, but Clair and Lance (Elite Four) are cousins.

What actors and actresses appeared in Aimee - 2011?

The cast of Aimee - 2011 includes: Chris Bastin as Boy 1 Rachel Husband as Mother Joanna Windsor as Claire Joanne Windsor as Claire

How old is Phil in modern family?

Phil is the father of luke, Haley and Alex and the husband of Claire

What is By Claire in German?

Ich heisse Claire.

How tall is Claire Stansfield?

Claire Cassano is 5' 6".

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond All Law - 1913?

The cast of Beyond All Law - 1913 includes: James Cooley as The Husband Claire McDowell Blanche Sweet

Is the woman detective in Eastenders also the hairdresser in Coronation Street?

Zoe Henry is the actress who plays DC Cunningham in Eastenders.She was also in coronation street and played Casey Carswell, a friend of Claire Peacock. Casey caused a fire in their home, had an affair with her husband and kidnapped Claire's son Freddie.

What nicknames does Claire Natale go by?

Claire Natale goes by Claire Bear.

What nicknames does Claire Haines go by?

Claire Haines goes by Claire Bear.