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Q: Who is Christian serratos boyfriend?
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Is Christian Serratos a vegan?

No. Christian Serratos is a vegetarian.

What is the birth name of Christian Serratos?

Christian Serratos's birth name is Christian Marie Bernardi.

What is Christian Serratos's birthday?

Christian Serratos was born on September 21, 1990.

When was Christian Serratos born?

Christian Serratos was born on September 21, 1990.

How old is Christian Serratos?

Christian Serratos is 26 years old (birthdate: September 21, 1990).

Does Christian Serratos have a boyfriend?

Yes she does shes dating Justin bieber right now and she cheated on him twice with Cody linely and Taylor lautner

Is christian serratos playing in new moon?


How tall is Christian serratos?


What is the name of the girl who was Justin Bieber's girlfriend in his music video boyfriend?

No Kristen Rodheaver is not his girlfriend. Christian Serratos is.

Who will be plating Angela in the movie twilight?

Christian Serratos

Is Justin Bieber really dating christian serratos?


Who did Christian Serratos play in Twilight?

Angela Weber