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Never that's when

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Q: When did justin bieber date christian serratos?
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Did justin Bieber ever date christian beadles?

No Justin dated Christian sister Caitlin by benda

Will Justin Bieber ever date a girl who isn't a christian?


Did Jasmin Wayne date Justin Bieber or Christian Beadles?


Did Christian Beetel win the date with Justin Bieber?

no he didnt christian is justins best friend

Who did Justin Bieber date in Canada?

justin bieber dated christian beadles sister catilan bealdes and sorry if i typeed anything wrong

Are Christan Beadles and Christan Bieber the same person?

First, you may be referring to Justin Bieber, since there is no Christan or Christian Bieber (an Indonesian blogger seems to have made up that name on Twitter, to send out info about Justin's career). But Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles are definitely different people. Justin was born in Ontario, Canada, Christian was born in Atlanta GA. Justin Bieber is friendly with Christian Beadles, and Justin used to date Christian's sister Caitlin.

Who did Justion Bieber date?

Caitlyn Beadles aka Christian Beadles, Justin Bieber's best friend's older sister.

Did Justin Bieber date his video girl?

Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

Does Justin Bieber still have the win a date with Justin Bieber?

No he doesn't

Will Justin Bieber date a girl in his concert?

A Justin Bieber doll

I want to go on a date with Justin Bieber?

You have to meet him and catch his eye. Or you have to win one if you do you just have to make a impression.

Do you have to live in Canada to date Justin Bieber?

No, Justin Bieber is in a relationship at this time. Justin Bieber would date anyone anywhere if he knew she was the right girl for him.