Who is Bwalya Stanley Kasonde CHITI?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bwalya Stanley Kasonde CHITI is the Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to Kenya.

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Q: Who is Bwalya Stanley Kasonde CHITI?
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When was Francis Kasonde born?

Francis Kasonde was born in 1986.

When did Emmanuel Kasonde die?

Emmanuel Kasonde died in 2008.

When was Emmanuel Kasonde born?

Emmanuel Kasonde was born in 1935.

When did Felix Bwalya die?

Felix Bwalya died in 1997.

Who is Dr Kasonde?

Dr. Kasonde is the Minister of Health in Zambia and the Deputy Minister is Dr Patrick Chikusu.

What is Felix Bwalya's birthday?

Felix Bwalya was born on October 27, 1970.

When was Felix Bwalya born?

Felix Bwalya was born on October 27, 1970.

When was Kalusha Bwalya born?

Kalusha Bwalya was born on 1963-08-16.

When was Simon Bwalya born?

Simon Bwalya was born on 1985-02-25.

When was Hastings Bwalya born?

Hastings Bwalya was born on 1985-06-25.

When was Johnson Bwalya born?

Johnson Bwalya was born on 1967-12-03.

What has the author E Kasonde written?

E. Kasonde has written: 'Imilimo ya bena-kale' -- subject(s): Handicraft