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Stanley Pearce died in 1929.

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Q: When did Stanley Pearce die?
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When was Stanley Pearce born?

Stanley Pearce was born in 1863.

What did Stanley Pearce and Marshall Bond witness on July 17 1897?

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When did Ernest Pearce die?

Ernest Pearce died in 1930.

When did Bryan Pearce die?

Bryan Pearce died in 2007.

When did Brian Pearce die?

Brian Pearce died in 2008.

When did Stephen Pearce die?

Stephen Pearce died in 1904.

When did Austin Pearce die?

Austin Pearce died in 2004.

When did Walter Pearce die?

Walter Pearce died in 1960.

When did Cromwell Pearce die?

Cromwell Pearce died in 1852.

When did Sandy Pearce die?

Sandy Pearce died in 1930.

When did Hen Pearce die?

Hen Pearce died in 1809.

When did Alec Pearce die?

Alec Pearce died in 1982.