Who is Alice coopers dad?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Fred Rogers from Mister Rogers Neighborhood

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He doesn't have a brother!?

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Q: Who is Alice coopers dad?
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Who is sly coopers dad?

Conner Cooper

Who is the woman in Alice coopers poison video?

Rana Kennedy

What was Alice Coopers first album?

Pretties for you. released 1969

What is Alice coopers favorite drink and favorite candy?

Diet Coke is the drink.

What is the name of sly coopers dad?

sly didnt have a mom

What is dr martin coopers dad s name?

justin harris

Is any of Dr Martin Coopers relatives famous?

ye his mom and dad

What is sly coopers dads name?

Sly's Dad's name is Conner Cooper.

Who shared the same Alice as Mikan in Gakeun Alice?

Her father and her mother.Mom ( Stealing Alice, Injection Alice )Dad ( Nullification Alice )Sadly, Mikan's Dad died from Persona but Mikan's Mother lives on.

What happened to sly coopers mom?

no one knows what happened to his mom but his dad was killed by the fiendish five.

What is Alice Coopers Natural hair colour?

Black-ish & a little bit gray-ish. Not even that much gray.

What is a summary of the book Wanted?

Alice is a 14-15 year old girl. One day she got a call from her dad. Her dad and mom broken up already. Her dad wanted the twin disks so Alice had to bring the twin disks to her dad. Her dad said that there was no time so she had to drive her dad's car which he never let anyone touch not even Alice. Someone sent Alice's mom a letter confessing that Alice killed her own dad after the dad died. Any rational mom would believe and support that Alice didn't kill her own dad. Who knew that the mother believed it. It was because the letter looked so real. A lot of people started to look for Alice after the news was known by almost everyone. Alice's mom got a new husband. At the end it was the new husband, Rick. Soon everyone found out Alice wasn't the killer, it was Rick, the one who sent the fake e-mail.