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Q: Who is the woman in Alice coopers poison video?
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Who organized the woman's party?

Alice paul

Who was the leader of the national woman's party?

Alice Paul was the leader of the National Woman's Party. Lucy Burns worked along side with Alice Paul.

Was Alice walker a boy or girl?

Alice Walker is a woman.

What has the author Alice Henry written?

Alice Henry has written: 'The trade union woman'

What did Alice do?

alice walker was a fomous wrighter and she is a woman who did all she could to get women their rights

Is Alice Cooper a man or a woman?

Although Alice is typically a woman's name, in the case of shock-rocker Alice Cooper, he is, and has always been, a man. Alice Cooper is just a stage name he came up with, claiming that he found it through the use of a ouija board and that it was the name of a witch burned at the stake many years ago. In reality, he just came up with the name because it sounded cool. In the case of Gary Cooper's mother, Alice Cooper is a woman. And this goes for any other woman named Alice whose surname (or married name) is Cooper.

Why is Alice Coachman famous?

Alice coachman was the first black woman to win a olympic gold medal. by lily

What has the author Alice Macdonald Fleming written?

Alice Macdonald Fleming has written: 'The heart of a maid' 'A woman of seasons'

Is Alice cooper is a man or a woman?

Alice Cooper WAS the name of the band, but the lead singer (a man) adopted the moniker.

What did Alice Stone Blackwell fight for?

Woman's right to vote.

Who was the leader pf the national woman's party?

alice paul

Was drake in the trey songz wonder woman video?

no he did not drake was in trey songz video unusal not wonder woman