Who invented the subwoofer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who invented the subwoofer?
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Who invented the sub woofer?

Information taken from - The first subwoofer was developed during the 1960s by Ken Kreisel

How much is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer can vary in really depends on what kind of subwoofer you get including the number of watts it has.....

Does an active subwoofer have and rca plug?

It depends on the subwoofer. Every subwoofer is different. Some do and some don't.

How do you eliminate the thump from your subwoofer?

That is usually the whole point of a Subwoofer, hearing the music clearer and feeling it. If you don't like the thump, then a subwoofer is not for you! The best way to fix this problem is first you have to remove all the wires from the subwoofer. Than take the subwoofer out of the box and set the subwoofer in a trash can. On trash day wheel subwoofer to end of driveway. Problem solved!

What is a 18 subwoofer?

An 18 subwoofer is a subwoofer measuring 18 inches. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker dedicated to enhancing the sound of bass. You can learn more about subwoofers online at the Wikipedia website.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.

What does an amplifier do for a subwoofer?

An amplifier will power your subwoofer so they can work.

How can you tell if my subwoofer is blown?

The subwoofer will sound like crap.

How do you control the subwoofer in your Ford Expedition?

You need to specify if this is a stock or aftermarket subwoofer. You need to specify if this is a stock or aftermarket subwoofer.

Why is subwoofer cutting out?

It seems like you're using a passive subwoofer. A passive subwoofer doesn't have a power source (an amplifier.) You will need an amplifier for your subwoofer. Let a professional set it up for you.

Where is the serial number on a Memphis subwoofer?

2093048 is the serial number of subwoofer