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who was the invented the music disk

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Q: When was the first music disc invented?
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Who invented the first disc plow?

was invented disc harrow

Did RCA invent the first compact disc?

For many years CDs were the only digital form of music available. They were not invented by RCA. The first compact disc was invented by James Russell. At the time Russell worked for General Electric.

When was the optical disc invented?

The optical disc was invented in the 1950's and 1960's. The first patents for this technology were registered to David Paul Gregg in 1961 and 1969. The Music Corporation of America bought the rights to these patents.

Who invented the laser disc?

The first commercial laser disc was made by the Philips company

The first compact disc was invented who?

by James T. Russell

When were floppy drives first invented?

The floppy disc drive was invented at IBM in 1967. It used 8" floppy discs. The first floppy disc drive in an IBM personal computer appeared in 1981. By this time the original 8" floppy disc had been replace by a 5.25" disc.

Which company invented video disc?

which compeny invented video disc

Can you download music to an i pod from a computer without installing the start up disc that came with your iPod when you first bought it?

NO,NO, and ,NO. An ipod does not have a disc drive

Was the walk man the first music player?

No, Thomas Edison invented the first "music" player, the Phonograph

When was the Blu-ray disc invented?

The first Blu Ray disc was made in 1996. The Blu Ray movies were released commercially in the year 2000.

Who invented the first music video?

Michael Jackson

When was the first music download invented?

Last night...