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Q: Who introduces a radio or tv programs?
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In what movie did mel blanc play a train conductor where he says all aboard for?

I know he played a train conductor on radio and television on Jack Benny's programs. "Train leaving on track 5 for anaheim azusa and cucamonga"

What are the two tv programs that interview persons who are in the political headlines are meet the press and?

Actually, there are more than two. Meet the Press is the oldest-- it began on radio and then went to NBC-TV in the late 1940s, where it still remains. Other similar interview programs are Face the Nation, which debuted in 1954; This Week with George Stephanopoulos (which began as Issues and Answers in 1960); and Fox News Sunday (which began in 1996).

Was the soap opera Days of Our Lives on radio before it was on TV?

No. Days of Our Lives was an original creation for TV. The soaps that started on radio premiered on television in the 1950s--radio drama was well on its way to the morgue by that time, replaced by television.

Which institution includes radio television and movies?

The Media

Who is the announcer on the TV show 77 Sunset Strip his voice introduces the names of the cast?

You may not know his name, but Dick Tufeld's voice was well known on radio and TV for several decades. He died on Jan. 22, 2012 but left behind a legacy of work that included staff announcing at ABC and Channel 7, the voice of the Robot in the TV series "Lost in Space," "Maverick," "Peyton Place," "77 Sunset Strip," and multiple TV music shows. He began in radio as the announcer of "The Amazing Mr., Malone" and was the announcer for the entire run of "Space Patrol." He was 85. Tufeld's radio career will be remembered on John and Larry Gassman's "Same Time, Same Station," which streams on demand every Sunday at It is also available for download beginning Monday or Tuesday at The highlight will be a 1992 show reuniting the "Space Patrol" cast including Tufeld, Ed Kemmer, Norman Jolly, and Ray Erlenborn.

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A person who introduces radio and television programmes?


What are the drawbacks to radio and television news reporting?

radio and tv programs do reach sufficiently large audiences

Are radio waves used to broadcast television programs?


What has the author Karen Buzzard written?

Karen Buzzard has written: 'Electronic media ratings' -- subject(s): Methodology, Radio audiences, Radio programs, Rating, Television programs, Television viewers

What has the author Susan Tyler Eastman written?

Susan Tyler Eastman has written: 'Broadcast programming, strategies for winning television and radio audiences' -- subject(s): Addresses, essays, lectures, Planning, Television programs, Radio programs

How do waves help in watching television programs?

Radio waves transmit signals from TV, radio station towers to domestic audio/visual appliances. Link below

What is a synonym for pastime?

Hobby; Meccano sets; Chemistry sets; Kite Flying; radio programs; TV.

What is the pronoun of this The last century saw many people whose lives changed after the invention of radio and television?

"The last century saw many people whoselives changed after the invention of radio and television."The pronoun is 'whose', a relative pronoun that introduces the relative clause 'whose lives changed after the invention of radio and television'. The relative clause gives information about its antecedent 'people'.

What radio programs are currently on OPB television and radio?

There are many programs currently on Oregon Public Broadcast. Examples include BBC World Service, New Dimensions, The Takeaway, and This American Life. They have their schedule posted on their website for times.

What is an a tv?

a tv is something u watch programs on and u can watch soaps and other things u or even listen to the radio

What type of airtime do advertisers prefer to buy?

Advertisers buy airtime during popular television or radio programs.

What are waves that are used in television?

Radio waves, microwaves, infrared and visible light can all be used for communication. Radio waves – are used to transmit television and radio programs. Microwaves – are used to transmit satellite television and for mobile phones. Infrared – is used to transmit information from remote controls.