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You may not know his name, but Dick Tufeld's voice was well known on radio and TV for several decades. He died on Jan. 22, 2012 but left behind a legacy of work that included staff announcing at ABC and Channel 7, the voice of the Robot in the TV series "Lost in Space," "Maverick," "Peyton Place," "77 Sunset Strip," and multiple TV music shows. He began in radio as the announcer of "The Amazing Mr., Malone" and was the announcer for the entire run of "Space Patrol." He was 85.

Tufeld's radio career will be remembered on John and Larry Gassman's "Same Time, Same Station," which streams on demand every Sunday at It is also available for download beginning Monday or Tuesday at

The highlight will be a 1992 show reuniting the "Space Patrol" cast including Tufeld, Ed Kemmer, Norman Jolly, and Ray Erlenborn.

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Q: Who is the announcer on the TV show 77 Sunset Strip his voice introduces the names of the cast?
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