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Michael was inspired by many people but mostly James Brown. He was also influenced by many people one of which is Diana Ross

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His idol, James Brown

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James Brown

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Q: Who inspired Michael Jackson to start singing?
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Where did Michael Jackson start singing?


When Michael Jackson start his singing?

at the age of 5 years old young Michael Jackson began his 45 year singing career

What role did Michael Jackson start singing at?

he was 8 yeares old

Where did Michael Jackson start his professional singing career?

By wiinning a school talent show with the Jackson 5

How did Michael Jackson start being a singer?

Michael Jackson started singing in the Jackson 5 when he was a little boy. He was the best of the group, so he sang the most out of everyone.

What age did Michael Jackson start singing at?

In 1964 at the age of 6 years old Michael Jackson performed for the first time with his brothers in a talent show. They took first prize.

Did Michael Jackson start singing alone in 1982?

No. 1982 was the year thriller was released, but in 1979 he released Off the Wall.

Who inspired Katy perry to start singing?

lady gaga

How did Micheal Jackson start singing at age 11?

With the Jackson 5

Why is Michael Jackson a good singer?

Natural talent, first of all. And your singing will get better if you are constantly performing, because you can start controlling your voice more.

What age did mahalia Jackson start singing?


When did Michael Jackson start singing in the Jackson 5?

His father had originally wanted Jermaine to be the lead singer, but his mother Katherine made Joe listen to Michael sing and that was it. He made Michael the lead singer of the Jackson 5! that's how he got into the group, he was a Jackson brother and a very strong singer.