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sheriff, song/ when im with you about 50 to 60 seconds

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Q: Who holds the longest note in a song?
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What is the longest song ever made?

The longest song ever made is The Devil Glitch by Chris Butler. This song holds the world record for the longest song made with a run time of 69 minutes.

What is the longest note?

the longest note is the flat note

What holds the record for longest ever song on billboard top 100?

Probably American Pie

What song contains the longest recorded note?

The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Freddy Cursi of the Canadian band Sheriff as having the longest recorded note with the 1989 #1 hit "When I'm With You" as having the longest held recorded note.

Who holds the record as the longest term prisoner?

Who holds the record as the longest term prisoner?

What was the longest vocal note held by an 80's rock band?

Axl Rose holds an exceptionally long note at the end of Don't Cry, but it may not be the longest. Sebastian Bach has done some very long screams as well.

What rock song ends with the longest held note?

The Beatles song, "A Day in the Life" ends with a note sustained for 42 seconds. However, all of the instruments do not "fade-out" until 1 minute and 38 seconds

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When did The longest suicide note in history happen?

The longest suicide note in history happened in 1983.

Who holds the record for holding the longest note?

Kenny g Freddy Curci from the Sheriff & then Alias, the song "When I'm with you" at the end, it's in the guiness book of world record (university of Houston) Although Freddy's song is beautiful and that last note is held for 26 seconds, it is not as long as Johnny Mathis' song Pieces of Dreams sung on The Tonight Show in 1976. He held that note 29 seconds and in live concerts, he held it 32. Too bad the Guiness Book people never listend to that.

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What song contains the longest recorded note?

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