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Everybody helped with the construction of the first hut. But then the enthusiasm died down and it was only Ralph and Simon that would build the shelters. Simon also wandered off for long periods of time in the forest. Piggy never helped because he had Asthma, which the boys called "ass-mar". The littluns just played and swam all day. Jack and his Hunters were too busy hunting or watching the signal fire.

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Simon is the only one who helps Ralph build the huts. Everyone else is doing there own thing while Ralph and Simon are building the huts.

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Q: Who helps Ralph with the hut building?
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What is Ralph's second complaint in chapter 5?

the huts hes building for the "littleuns" keep falling

Who is the only one who helps Ralph build huts?

it was Simon.

What is Jack preoccupied with in Lord of the Flies chapter 3?

I wouldn't have said that Ralph has a 'new' preoccupation in chapter three: Huts on the Beach. I can only assume that you mean hut building but he makes it quite clear in his conversation with Jack that the building of huts was agreed upon by all of the boys during their meeting. He also states that while many of the boys did build the first hut, much less bothered to build the second one and only Simon and himself were left to try and build a third hut. The whole process appears to have gone on for some time, probably from a day or two after their arrival up until the time that the conversation took place. So the hut building wasn't new and it wasn't exclusively Ralph's idea. Ralph made it quite clear from the very start that his prime concern was to get rescued and while he was waiting for the rescuers to arrive, to have fun. I think that as a leader he also felt a sense of responsibility and was aware that the littluns need the security of shelters and, in the event of bad weather, they would all appreciate them. Ralph is remarkably consistent throughout the novel and his goals don't really change.

Why is Ralph building huts?

Ralph is building huts because his main goal is to be rescued from the island. He does not know how long it will take therefore huts are a basic need for survival. He also cares for the little kids in group and does not want them to be scared. He wants the little boys to feel protected and not have nightmares or scream. He is doing his job as the leader/chief of the group.

What do Ralph and Jack embarrassingly realize?

Ralph suggested that they needed to build a fire to attract any passing planes or ships if they wanted to be rescued. Jack led the boys up to to the top of the mountain to build the fire. Both Ralph and Jack worked hard to build a huge bonfire and then, they realised that they had nothing to light it with. They had no matches, no cigarette lighter, nothing. That is why they were both embarrassed.

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