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Q: Who has the most number 1 hits besides Ninja duckies?
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What does 6 plus hits mean on Naruto Ultimate Ninja heroes?

it means you got 6 hits in a row.

Does Jimmy Eat World have hits besides The Middle and Big Casino?

Yes, one of their biggest hits is Hear You Me.

Best combo element in ninja saga?

Fire for Offense+Lightning for critical hits=really good attack power

How do you beat the first boss in mini ninja chapter 2?

Go behind a pole and wait till he hits it and go on his sword.

What is Smash hits radio number?

The number is for smash hits voicemailis: 0871 2222 712

When was Number One Hits created?

Number One Hits was created on 2010-11-30.

How many number one hits does george strait by 2008?

56 number 1 hits

What music group had five number one hits in the us which the king of pop watched from the wings when he was young?

1. Elvis had 30 number 1 Hits 2. The Beatles had 27 number 1 hits 3. Bee Gees had 25 number 1 hits 4. Michael Jackson had 19 number 1 hits

Does Heart have any hits besides Barracuda . Alone . These Dreams . Crazy On You and What About Love?

Dreamboat Annie, Dog & Butterfly

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 what does is extra hits?

After you knock someone far in the air you can press circle fast and initiate extra hit in the air try it

What music artist holds the record for the must number one hits?

George Strait has had 57 number one hits

Who has written the most rock and roll number one hits?

the beatles - 20 number 1 hits from 1964 - 1970