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Q: How many number 1 hits did dean martin have?
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How many children does Dean Martin have?

Dean Martin has 8 children

How many kids does Dean Martin have?

Dean Martin has 8 children

How many british number one records did Dean Martin have?

one- memories are made of this

Name of casino in Las Vegas where Dean Martin performed?

Dean Martin held many performances at the Sands Hotel and Casino.

How many grandchildren did Dean Martin have?

His grandchildren are Alexander Martin, Mickey Guerin, Rio Martin, Jesse Martin, Montana Martin, and Pepper Martin.

How many children did dean martin have?


Did mitzi gaynor ever appear on the dean martin show?

No Mitzi did not appear on the Dean Martin show, but the did appear together on the Frank Sinatra timex show, also Dean presented Mitzi many times in Las Vegas

When did the Dean Martin Show first premiere?

"The Dean Martin Show, also known as The Dean Martin Comedy Hour, first premiered on September 16, 1965. The show ran for 9 seasons until 1974 and was hosted by Dean Martin and was a variety show that had many different celebrities doing improv."

How many people were affected by hurricane dean?

The number of people affected by hurricane Dean is an estimated of 300,000

What songs did Dean Martin write?

While he may have had some fun dabbling in songwriting, it is not what he was ever known for. Martin was a much-loved vocalist, from an era where great singers rarely wrote their own hits; like many of the stars in the Big Band and Middle-of-the-Road era, he had access to well-respected songwriters whose job it was to come up with potential hits the stars could sing. Among the songwriters who wrote big hits that Dean Martin sang were Sam Coslow, Ken Lane, Irving Taylor, Carl Sigman, Jack Brooks, and Harry Warren.

How many number one hits does george strait by 2008?

56 number 1 hits

What show did Bob Hope and Dean Martin and many other stars wind up dead in a pool. Was this a special murder mystery from the 70s or the 80s?