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Eminem has easily sold more.

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Q: Who has sold more eminem or the game?
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Who sold more albums 50 cent or eminem?

Eminem has been in the game longer so of course he sold more.

Who has sold more albums jayz or Eminem?

Eminem sold about 100 million albums. Jay-z sold like 60 million.

Who has sold more records eminem or the beatles?

Man there is no question Eminem sold more records I am sure. Eminem has sold about 20 million more copies, there is no competition.

Who sold more Eminem then Jay-Z?


Who sold more records prince or eminem?


Who sold more albums Eminem or jay-z?


Who sold most albums 2pac or Eminem?

Eminem has sold many about 60 million more albums.

Who has sold more record albums Eminem or Lady Gaga?


Who all sold more music albums than eminem?

Michael Jackson has sold 13-14 million more than Eminem.

Who sold more albums Michael Jackson or eminem?

Eminem has sold more albums. Eminem has sold around 86.5 million albums worldwide. Tupac has sold around 78 million albums worldwide. This puts Eminem around 6.5 million albums ahead of Tupac.

Who has sold more albums eminem or Lil Wayne?

Eminem has sold over He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 41 million albums in the United States, and nearly 90 million albums worldwide.Lil Wayne sold Over 10 million albumsworld-wideSo Eminem sold more albums than Lil Wayne

Who sold more albums eminem or biggie?

Eminem he is third with 180,000,000 copies sold first is Michael Jackson second is the beatles