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Eminem already has passed 2Pac:

Eminem has sold 87 million albums.

2Pac has sold just 78 million.

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Q: Will eminem pass 2pac in records sold?
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Who sold the most records as a rapper?

2pac has 92 million records sold world wide eminem is second with 76 million(counting recovery)

What singer sold the most albums?

eminem sells the most records recovery is first, and drake is second with thank me later, Big boi, Young Money and B.o.B are up there too. If you mean total records it is 2pac but eminem is really close and will pass him in a couple years, , eminem has like 87 million records(rising fast) 2pac has about 92 million(rising slow). The old records say eminem has 80 million when he has more, and old records say 2pac has 75 mil which is way off. 2pac still sells about half a millon albums a year while eminem sells about 4 million albums a year. so in less than 2 years eminem will officially beat 2pac's world wide record sales. Eminem dominates the charts.

Most albums sold by rappers?

2pac has sold 107 million records

Who sold the second most rap records ever?

Shady the greatest of all time? That's ridiculous. But yes, 2pac has sold the most records ever. Even when 2Pac was alive, he was the best selling rapper. Eminem is second.

Who is the next Tupac Shakur?

The closest rapper to be another 2Pac would have to be T.I. Though T.I. hasn't sold even close to as many records as 2Pac did, both rappers share the same life, rapping style, and appearences. T.I. jas only sold 7 million records, but 2Pac has sold 75,000,000. Some say that Eminem is another 2Pac because of the way he talks about his life and Eminem being the second best of all time, but T.I. is the closest to the style and life of 2Pac.

Who sold most albums 2pac or Eminem?

Eminem has sold many about 60 million more albums.

Who is the highest selling hip hop artist?

the highest selling hip hop artist is...Tupac Shakur (2Pac) with over 100 million records sold, including post-humous.

Who sold more records prince or eminem?


Who has sold more records eminem or the beatles?

Man there is no question Eminem sold more records I am sure. Eminem has sold about 20 million more copies, there is no competition.

What rap artist has sold the second most albums?

2Pac Shakur has sold the second most albums, next to Eminem.

How many records has 2pac sold?

2Pac is the best selling rapper since his death (1996) having sold more than 100,000,000 albums.

Who has the most sold rap albums?

2pac has 92 million record sales and eminem has 76 million