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Q: Who had the worst childhood Eminem or Tupac?
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Who is a better rapper eminem or Tupac?

This is completely opinional. Eminem has sold more albums. My personal opinion is Eminem, though Tupac is still a legend. my opinion as best would be tupac

Was Eminem affiliated with tupac?

Yes, eminem and tupac were connected with eachother. Tupac's song Hennesy proves that, if you listen to the song, the background says simply "shady records".

Are eninem and Tupac friends?

They never met eminem was only a fan of tupac

Did Eminem say tupac is the best?

yeah. I think eminem best tho!

Did Tupac Do Loyal To The Game?

No. It was produced by Eminem

Who sold more albums Michael Jackson or eminem?

Eminem has sold more albums. Eminem has sold around 86.5 million albums worldwide. Tupac has sold around 78 million albums worldwide. This puts Eminem around 6.5 million albums ahead of Tupac.

Who is taller Tupac or eminem?

Tupac was 6 feet tall and Shady is 5 feet 8, so Tupac was taller.

Eminem best rapper in the world?

he is the fastest but tupac was the greatest

Who is better lyricist Tupac or Eminem?

Tupac. Eminem Is My Favorite Rapper, But Tupac Is A Well He Isnt A Living Legend Is He. He Is Just A Legend Please watch deep analyze of these 2 rapers for free i think eminem being alive and all plus ghosts cant rap tupac is the beast

What is independent quantity?

rick ross eminem and tupac

Who are Eminem's heroes?

tupac and bigge and doc dre

What is a independent quantities?

rick ross eminem and tupac