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Q: Who from one direction playing the Buzz Lightyear in a school chitty chitty bang bang?
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Is adrianna married to zayn on one direction?

Adrianna castillo is married to zayn on one direction and that is a fact and one direction is coming to albany elemantry school in indiana isnt that grate

What band is Harry Styles in?

before becoming apart of One Direction on The X Factor, Harry was in a band with his friends called White Eskimo: they won the 'Battle of the Bands' competition at their school and performed locally at weddings and other events.

How did Charlie Parker learn to play the sax?

He began in school playing the baritone

What film ends with a band playing on the roof of a school?

10 things I hate about you

What school has more One Direction fans?

The school that has the most one direction fans are the aynesworth elementary school in fresno, california. We all love one direction. I love harry styles, i think harry styles is the sexiest beast. I always dream with him and me together with our little darcy styles. I really want to meet them.Harry styles if you ever read this aynesworth school loves you and one direction, because everyone likes either my hot harry styles, niall horan, zayn malik, liam payne, and louis tomlinson.Hey,liam my friend has payne in her heart for liammy other friend loves niall horanmy other friend love louis tomlinsonmy sister loves zayn malikand i'm truthly in love with the most hottest one of all harry stylesthe school that loves you the most are aynesworth elementary and terronez middle school in fresnowe all love one direction especially me because i keep on buying one direction posters instead of the backpack i'm always taking money to buyi really buy the posters because i think that a one direction poster is way more important than a new backpacki love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Who out of one direction played chitty chitty bang bang in school?


Who played as one direction of the Buzz Lightyear in a school?


Who plays Buzz Lightyear from one direction in school?

Harry styles

Is one direction still in school?


From One Direction who went to an all boys school from One Direction?


Did Niall Horan graduate high school?

No, he left school for One Direction.

Where can you get One Direction folders?

Many office supply stores, including Office Depot, carried One Direction folders and other One Direction school supplies during the back-to-school season.

What school did zayn out of one direction?

He went to Lower Fields Primary School and to Tong High School.

Did one direction go to private scholl or normal school?

They don't go to school

Where can you get one direction school supplies?

BRA gosh

What school does all of 1 direction go to?

They were homeschooled..

Can you make one direction come to your school?

No, One Direction are too big of a band to be visiting schools.