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He began in school playing the baritone

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Q: How did Charlie Parker learn to play the sax?
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Did Charlie Parker ever really play alto sax at a private Bar Mitzvah?

Yes. He played alto sax mostly on Saturdays.

How do you play find your love on alto sax?

First you learn how to play the alto sax, then you find the music and read it...

How do you play blue train by John Coltrane on the alto sax?

Learn Alto Sax and find out what the notes are.

What type of saxophone did Maceo Parker play?

he played alto. i hope that was what you ment by what kind of sax.

How do you play Charlie Brown song on alto sax?

Go to and type in charlie brown theme song...i found this one in a few seconds: Learn the Charlie Brown Theme! (Piano) here:

How do you play imperial march on tenor sax?

Well, first you must know how to play the tenor sax, then you will need to buy the sheet music, sit down and learn all the notes.

Is a schill tenor saxophone a good brand?

Not in my opinion, however, I do believe that a players natural abilities can be reflected on ANY sax, .look at Charlie Parker for example. It is all in the player!

Who was the first person to play the saxophone?

The first person to play the sax was Adolphe sax

What are the first notes you learn when you first play the alto sax?

Generally the first note that you will learn to play is a concert B-flat or a concert A-flat as they are easy to play being in the middle of the saxophone range.

Who played in Dizzy Atmosphere?

Dizzy Gillespie - Trumpet Charlie Parker - Alto Sax Milt Jackson - Vibraphone Al Haig - Piano Ray Brown - Bass Stan Levey - Drums

What are the 3 famous works of charlie Parker?

It is hard to pick just one song to answer this question. One of is most well-known songs is "Now's the Time" (please see Cook & Morton, 2006, p. 1017; Schoenberg, 2002, p. 136 ).References:Cook, R. & Morton, B. (2006). The Penguin guide to jazz recordings, Eighth Ed. New York, NY: Penguin Books.Schoenberg, L. (2002). The NPR curious listener's guide to Jazz. New York, NY: The Berkley Publishing Group.

How do you play sax?

sax ching ok