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Q: Who does voice overs for dove commercials?
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Who is the voice over on am pm tv commercials?

Billy Vera does the voice overs for the AM/PM commercials

What commercials does Julia Roberts do voice overs?


Who does the voice overs for Maybelline commercials?

Lindsey Lohan

Who does the voice overs for united airlines commercials?

Robert Redford

Who does the voice overs for the Cingular Family talk commercials?

stanly tucci

Does Patrick dempsey do the voice-overs for the Mazda 3 commercials?

yahee yahee

Who does the voice over for the Singulair commercials?

Daniel Stern However, if you are referring to Cingular-AT&T Cell phone commercials, then Stanley Tucci does the voice overs.

What commercials use Gary Sinise voice overs?

Gary Senise does the voice over for Army ads.

What are voice overs?

Voice-overs, aside from being the coolest career imaginable, are the voice talent you hear (but cannot see) when watching cartoons, web videos, TV commercials, radio, audiobooks, and documentaries, etc.

Who is the voice over for dfs?

Thomas Craig is the person who does voice overs for the DFS commercials. The commercials are for the British owned furniture company DFS. They use a $130 million dollar ad budget to produce their commercials.

Who does the save the children voice overs?

The Save the Children voice overs are typically done by professional voice actors hired by the organization for their commercials and videos. The specific voice actors may vary depending on the project and location.

What commercials does Keifer Sutherland do the voiceover for?

Keifer Sutherland does voice overs for Bank of America, Nissan, and Verizon.