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Skip beat is not finished yet and the author is still drawing it. The author could change her mind on the last chapter but I'm 99% sure that Kyoko will end up with Ren.

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Q: Who does kyoko end up with in skip beat?
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Will Kyoko like Ren?

Kyoko and Ren are both fictional characters from the popular anime and manga Skip Beat!. While Ren likes Kyoko, it is unknown if she will notice his feelings and end up with him.

Who ends up with kyoko?

If you are talking about Kyoko from Skip Beat this question cannot be answered as of 11/17/2009 because the series has not yet been complete.

Does Ren like Kyoko in Skip Beat?

Kyoko Does Like Ren But She's Trying To Deny That She Like Him Cuz She Made A Vow That She Will Never Fall In Love Again.

Who's girl does tsuna end up with?

We know that Tsuna eventually ends up with Kyoko.

From skip beat is Tsuruga Ren really Corn from Kyokos childhood?

Yes. We know this because Kyoko drops the rock she named after Corn and Ren picks it up and remembers how he gave it to her when they were younger. FYI Rens real name is Kuon. You can see phonetically Kuon can sound like Corn.

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There are 25 episodes in the net (subbed too!)... but, still waiting for the second season of this series.

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